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What is the valuation office and how does it work?

A guide to the workings of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The VOA provides the government, local authorities and public sector bodies with the property valuations and advice that underpin our taxation and benefits system. As an executive agency of HMRC, they advise on a ministerial level, assist over 2,200 public sector clients and employ more than 3,600 staff.

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How Do You Go About Reducing Your Business Rates?

Business rates contribute to a significant amount of expense for your business. Therefore, getting relief or reduction goes a long way in reducing the cost of your business and improving profits. Since business rates are calculated from the rateable property value by Valuation Office Agency (VOA), it is necessary to check for accuracy. Sometimes the valuation or calculation may be wrong, and you can make significant savings from it. Understanding how the non-domestic property tax is calculated can help you find techniques for reducing the rates. Here are some ways to keep your tax burden low.

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Why Are New Business Rates a Threat to the High Street?

In April 2017 and again a year later, adjustments to the way the VOA (Valuation Office Agency) calculates the rateable value of non-domestic properties led to major changes in the rates bills of many High Street shops. The government estimates that just over half a million businesses have seen their business rates increase, 420,000 have remained the same while 920,000 have witnessed a drop in the amount they pay to their local council.

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